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Juniper M-Series:
JNCIA Study Guide .pdf
JNCIS Study Guide .pdf
JNCIP Study Guide .pdf
JNCIE Study Guide .pdf

NIST's Guideline on Network Security Testing .pdf
SONET_guide .pdf
IP_over_ATM from Harris & Jeffries .pdf
MPLS from Harris & Jeffries .pdf
ICMP scanning .pdf
M$ TCP/IP .doc
POS from PMC Serria .pdf
ATM Timing from PMC Serria .pdf
US frequency allocation chart .pdf
IP Spoofing from Phrack Magazine .txt
Well Known Ports .txt

   How to Own the Internet in Your Spare Time.pdf
   Potential Strategies for High Speed Active Worms: A Worst Case Analysis .pdf

   Taxonomy of DDOS attacks and defense Mechanisms .pdf
   DDoS Using Reflectors .pdf

The Chaotic Nature of TCP Congestion Control .pdf
Anycast basics .pdf

cisco's VIP Architecture
* Mitigating Latency in High Delay Data Networks .ppt
* 7500 VIP Fault Analysis
* BGP_Tutorial .pdf
* ATM_connections .pdf
* Netflow white paper .pdf
* Catalyst 6500 info .pdf
* Catalyst 6500 Performance .pdf
* GSR .pdf
* GSR CEF .pdf
* GSR QOS .pdf
* HSRP .pdf

* Satellite ATM .pdf
* Satellite ATM Architecture .pdf
* MPLS .pdf
* MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE) .pdf